BGP Policy

AS-PATH Prepending

Jaguar Network is allowing customers to use AS-Path prepending to use preferenced routes on the network. You will be able to prepend on the network without asking Jaguar Network. Jaguar Network will prepend AS30781 to Peers and UPlinks depending on a received community. We are supporting AS which are peered with us. Please check our AS Object in the RIPE database to know the actual peers.

Communities for entry point by IP POP

Community Entry point
30781:22001 MAR01
30781:22002 LYO02
30781:22003 PAR01
30781:22004 LYO03
30781:22005 MPL01
30781:22006 TLS01
30781:22007 LYO01
30781:22008 GVA01
30781:22009 PAR02
30781:22010 BDX01
30781:22011 BXL01
30781:22012 AMS01
30781:22013 PAR04
30781:22014 PAR05
30781:22015 PAR06
30781:22016 NAN02
30781:22017 MAR03
30781:22018 FRA01
30781:22019 MAR02
30781:22020 LON01
30781:22021 SOP02
30781:22022 STR01
30781:22023 BDX02
30781:22024 GRE01
30781:22025 ACY01
30781:22026 ZRH01
30781:22026 PAR07
30781:22029 PAR08
30781:22030 NAN01
30781:22031 TLN01
30781:22032 PAR03
30781:22033 GRE03
30781:22034 BDL01
30781:22036 REN01
30781:22037 REN02
30781:22038 PAR11
30781:22039 AIX01
30781:22040 NCE01
30781:22041 PAR09
30781:22042 NAN03
30781:22043 CIO01
30781:22044 LIL01
30781:22045 LIL02
30781:22046 BDX03
30781:22047 GRE02

Communities for entry point by exchange

Community Exchange
30781:32102 SFINX
30781:32103 Breizh-IX
30781:32104 CIXP
30781:32105 TIX
30781:32107 LYONIX
30781:32108 France-IX Paris
30781:32109 Equinix Echange PA
30781:32110 AMS-IX
30781:32114 DE-CIX Germany
30781:32115 LINX
30781:32117 France-IX Marseille
30781:32118 SWISS-IX
30781:32120 DE-CIX Marseille

Communities by route type

Community Route type
30781:31000 Route learned by a transit
30781:32000 Route learned by a peering
30781:33000 Route learned from a BGP Customer
30781:34000 Route originated by AS30781
30781:34500 Customer route originated by AS30781

Communities to be used by Customers

Condition on X Number of announce
X=0DO NOT Announce
X=1Prepend AS30781 once
X=2Prepend AS30781 twice
X=3Prepend AS30781 thrice

Main partner network announce control

Community Route type
6500X:1299 announce to TELIA - AS1299
6500X:2914 announce to NTT/VERIO - AS2914
6500X:3356 announce to Level3 - AS3356
6500X:5511 announce to Opentrnsit - AS5511
6500X:3257 announce to Tiscali - AS3257
6500X:3491 announce to PCCW - AS3491
6500X:6939 announce to Hurricane Electric - AS6939
6500X:8218 announce to Neotelecoms - AS8218
6500X:9009 announce to Global AXS - AS9009
6500X:12322 announce to Free - AS12322
6500X:15169 announce to Google - AS15169
6500X:15557 announce to SFR - AS15557
6500X:20932 announce to SIG - AS20932
6500X:21502 announce to Numericable - AS21502
6500X:8075 announce to Microsoft - AS8075
6500X:13030 announce to Init7 - AS13030
6500X:16265 announce to Leaseweb - AS16265
6500X:16276 announce to OVH - AS16276
6500X:20932 announce to SIG/IP-MAN - AS20932
6500X:32934 announce to Facebook - AS32934
6500X:714 announce to Apple - AS714
6500X:16509 announce to AWS - AS16509

Exchange point announce control

Community Route type
6460X:32102 announce to SFINX
6460X:32103 announce to Breizh-IX
6460X:32104 announce to CIXP
6460X:32105 announce to TIX
6460X:32107 announce to LYONIX
6460X:32108 announce to France-IX Paris
6460X:32109 announce to Equinix Echange PA
6460X:32110 announce to AMS-IX
6460X:32114 announce to DE-CIX Germany
6460X:32115 announce to LINX
6460X:32117 announce to France-IX Marseille
6460X:32118 announce to SWISS-IX
6460X:32120 announce to DE-CIX Marseille